The Benassie face mask uses innovation and technology to deliver on every level.

  • Triple-layer filtration with ViralOff® shield keeps you and others protected, 24/7
  • Removable filter for enhanced protection when you need it and more breathability when you don’t
  • Superior fabrics are ultra-soft and help you breathe easy
  • Designed with our seamless technology and 3D fit for comfort and style
  • Long-lasting and made with recycled materials, to protect the planet while protecting you

    layer masks

      Kills >99.8% of COVID-19 and 99.9% of bacteria
      - 24/7 self-sanitising protection!

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      WRAP-certified manufacturing,
      the highest ethical standard

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      Tailored for comfort, safety and anti-fogging

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      Easy to wash and reusable 200+ times
      Only needs to be washed once a week

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      No porous seam holes, increasing your safety

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    • 3D SHAPING

      For unparalleled comfort and fit

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      Moisture-absorbing, breathable, ultra-soft
      Made from recycled plastic bottles

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      Integrated removable filter
      Enhanced protection when you need it

    • layer masks


      Adjustable for a personalised fit

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      Three layers of microfiber material optimise
      filtration and protection

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      Shields against harmful droplets from sneezing
      and coughing

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      Athleisure Materials

      Breathable, ultra-soft feel, reduces humidity

    • care instruction one

      Hand or gently
      machine wash

    • care instruction two

      Hang dry or tumble
      dry, low heat

    • care instruction three

      Do not dry clean, bleach,
      iron or twist wring

    Because your mask is self-sanitising, it isn't necessary to wash the mask and filter as regularly as other products.
    Assuming you use it every day, we recommend washing the mask/filter once a week or if they become visibly soiled.

    To protect the environment, we recommend washing the mask by hand and air- or hang-drying.
    Alternatively, our masks can be washed in a washing machine (a gentle 30°C cycle) and
    tumble-dried on a low heat. Do not dry clean, bleach, iron or twist wring.

    Outer: nylon 57%, elastane 43%. Filter: polyester 96.5%, spandex 3.5%.
    Inner: recycled nylon 75%, elastane 25%.

    Perfect, whatever your purpose

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      • ViralOff® has been proven to destroy over 99% of viruses on a treated material within two hours. This has been certified by ISO18184:2019 and ATCC VR-1679 (H3N2).

      • In September 2020, ViralOff® was proven to destroy SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) by over 99.8% and is the first and only treatment in the world to confirm this to the ISO standard. It has also been proven to reduce Influenza A, Bird Flu, Norovirus and Corona (SARS) by over 99%.

      • ViralOff® also destroys 99.9% of bacteria, keeping the material and the wearer clean and fresh.

      • And because all three layers of our mask are treated with the ViralOff® formula, each layer is continuously self-sanitising, providing 24/7 protection against viruses and bacteria.

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      Sustainable &
      Ethically Made

      • We are anti-plastic and anti-fast fashion. That’s why we specifically designed a reusable, washable mask that will provide maximum protection over 7 months, even if you use it every day (210 uses). Because each layer is self-sanitising and kills viruses and bacteria, your mask only needs to be washed once a week. Making a product reusable and reducing the amount it needs to be washed saves water, electricity and reduces detergents in our oceans. We have also used materials made from recycled plastic bottles and each mask is provided in 100% biodegradable, compostable packaging.

      • We are a WRAP-certified manufacturer and therefore operate our manufacturing in accordance with the highest possible ethical standards. WRAP is the world's largest independent ethical certification program. Becoming a WRAP-certified facility involves much more than simply passing an audit. It is a continuous process and we have put in place effective management systems that are designed to ensure WRAP’s 12 Principles for ethical practice are always met.

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      Patented 3D-Shaping

      Other mask manufacturers have not been able to produce a moulded and seam-free mask. It’s extremely complex to do. We achieved this with our patented 3D-shaping technology and used scanned images of faces to customise our machinery to deliver ultra-high-precision manufacturing. The benefits of a moulded and seam-free design are:

      • Increased safety: moulding creates a high-precision fit that is snug to the face, a CDC guideline. Other masks have poorer-fitting designs and seam lines, each of which create unwanted air gaps or holes. Our mask does not. Air must therefore pass through our mask’s materials, which provide microfibre filtration in addition to anti-viral protection, increasing your safety.

      • Increased comfort: our mask’s high-precision design provides an incredibly comfortable fit. Our mask holds away from the mouth slightly to increase breathing comfort, ease of talking and prevents mask slippage.

      • More style: because it is moulded, our mask doesn’t have an angular, stiff seam running down the nose and centre line. It’s not only safer, but it is smooth and seamless, giving it that sharper look.